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  1. 1. What is a cookie?
  2. 2. How I can disable cookies in my browser?

Information about cookies

What is a cookie?

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file who was memorized in computer when you visit a web site. The text store informations that the site can read in the second time. Some of this cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the web site, other are used for the visitor because they can store in secure mode something like the user name or the language setting. The advantage of have cookies installed in your pc is to have no more need to write same informations every time you visit the same website.

Why 1896Cosmetics use the cookies?

1896Comsetics use cookies in order to provide its customers a shopping experience patterned according to their own tastes and preferences. Through the cookies 1896Cosmetics makes sure that at every visit on the website do not have to receive or insert the same informations. The cookies are used to optimize the website performances: infact, they make more simple the final process of purchase and the search of product is more rapid. In order to protect your personal data from any lostes and from any possible unlawful processing, 1896Cosmetics has took opportune tecnical and organizative, measures.

How I can disable cookies ?

It is possible to disable cookies in you browser.